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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Construction Of Hanging Basket And Its Requirements For The Ground
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    The Construction Hanging Basket Is One Of The Hanging Baskets, And For Us, We Should Have A Comprehensive Understanding, Because Only In This Way Can We Correctly Use And Reasonably Use This Kind Of Hanging Basket, Rather Than The Bad Influence Or Economic Loss Caused By The Wrong Use, And Then Affect The Normal Use And Use Effect Of The Hanging Basket, And Can Not Get The Intended Purpose And Effect.   &Different Types Of Building Baskets, Do They Have Corresponding Baskets Length? &If There Are Different Types Of Hanging Basket, The Length Of The Hanging Basket Can Be Different. However, It Can Also Be The Same. It Can Only Be Determined According To The Specific Situation. Moreover, The Common Models Of The Construction Hanging Basket Are Zlp150, Zlp300, Zlp500, Zlp630, Zlp800, And Zlp1000. The Working Length Of The Platform Can Reach 15m.   &2. In Which Aspects Should Architectural Hanging Basket Be Paid Enough Attention? &Generally Speaking, The Architectural Hanging Basket Should Be Paid Attention To And Taken Seriously In The Following Aspects:   &Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Counterweight: It Must Meet The Use Requirements And Be Firmly Fixed To Prevent It From Being Moved At Will. &Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Safety Lock: It Must Be Tested Before Use To Check Whether It Is A Qualified Product, And Whether It Is Complete And Flexible. &Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Wire Rope: Mainly To Check Whether Its Diameter, Number Of Rope Clamps, Spacing And Direction Meet The Requirements. And Whether The Wire Rope Can Be Used Normally And Effectively. &Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Operators: Special Training And Assessment Shall Be Carried Out, And Safety Training Shall Be Carried Out To Ensure Correct And Standardized Operation And Use Of The Construction Basket.   &3. Requirements For The Ground During The Installation Of Building Hanging Basket &In The Process Of Using, The Stability Of The Construction Hanging Basket Should Be Guaranteed. Therefore, When The Basket Is Installed, The Horizontal Ground Should Be Selected Instead Of The Inclined Plane, Otherwise, The Stability Of The Basket Will Be Affected. In Addition, If There Is A Waterproof Insulation Layer On The Ground, A 2.5-3cm Thick Board Shall Be Padded Under The Front And Rear Seats To Prevent Damage To The Waterproof Insulation Layer On The Ground.
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