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Working Process And Design Requirements Of High Altitude Work Basket
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During The Working Process Of The High-altitude Work Basket, When It Bears Its Rated Load, Its Hoist Shall Work Normally For 3000 Cycles, The Working Time Before Failure Shall Not Be Less Than 0.5t0 (cumulative Working Time), The Average Working Time Without Failure Shall Not Be Less Than 0.3t0, And The Reliability Shall Not Be Less Than 92%. When The Manual Lifting Basket Bears The Rated Load, The Hoist Shall Be Able To Work Normally For 500 Cycles. There Should Be No Fracture And Obvious Wear. When The Elevator Changes Its Running Direction, The Brake Should Work. The Structure Of The Platform Should Be Able To Bear 2 Times Of The Uniformly Distributed Rated Load. Before Leaving The Factory, Load Test Must Be Done Well, And Check Whether The Weld Is Cracked And The Bolt Is Loose. The Welds Of The Main Stressed Components Of The Platform Must Be Inspected To Ensure That The Welds Meet The Design Requirements. The Bottom Plate Of The Basket Platform For Aerial Work Must Be Provided With Anti-skid Measures. During The Operation, The Connection Of Its Lifting Mechanism Must Be Firm And Reliable, Without Any Looseness, And Should Be Checked Frequently. The Hanging Basket Platform Shall Be Equipped With A Hook Device For Safety Belt And Tools. The Width Of The Small Passage In The Basket Platform Shall Not Be Less Than 400mm, And The Effective Area Of The Bottom Plate Shall Not Be Less Than 0.25m2 Per Person. The Platform Of High-altitude Work Basket Shall Be Equipped With Fixed Safety Guardrail, The Height Of One Side Near The Building Shall Not Be Less Than 800mm, The Height Of The Back Side And Both Sides Shall Not Be Less Than 1100mm, And The Guardrail Shall Be Able To Bear The Concentrated Load Of 1000N Horizontal Movement. All Components Of The Safety Guardrail Of The Basket Platform Shall Be Smooth And Free Of Burrs, And Shall Be Free Of Skew, Distortion, Deformation And Other Defects After Installation. A Baffle With A Height Of Not Less Than 100-150 Mm Shall Be Installed Around The Base Plate Of The Platform Of The Basket For High Altitude Operation, And The Gap Between The Baffle And The Base Plate Shall Not Be Greater Than 5 Mm. The Basket Platform Shall Be Equipped With Guide Wheel Or Buffer Device For Sliding On The Building Surface To Ensure The Stability Of The Basket Platform, So As To Avoid Impact With The Wall.
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