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Power Cable And Test Performance Of Electric Basket
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The Performance Of The Safety Lock Of The Electric Basket Shall Be Tested In Each Operation. The Specific Methods Are As Follows: Action 1: Gently Lift The Safety Wire Rope By Hand, And It Shall Be Able To Move Slowly. Pull The Locking Handle Once, If The Action Cannot Be Started Once, The Action Can Be Started Once. Repeat Several Times. Action 2: Pull Up The Safety Wire Rope At A Fast And Fierce Speed, The Safety Lock Shall Be Able To Lock, Pull The Opening Handle Once, Repeat Action 2 For Several Times, And There Shall Be No Failure. The Safety Lock Must Be Provided With The Qualification Certificate For Trial Use Within The Limit. In Case Of Failure Of The Safety Lock, It Can Be Sent To The Manufacturer For Maintenance. It Is Strictly Prohibited For The User To Dismantle And Repair It By Himself. In Case Of Any Safety Accident Due To Failure To Handle The Above, The Manufacturer Shall Not Be Responsible For The Safety. Working Wire Rope And Safety Wire Rope Of Electric Basket Working Steel Wire Rope And Safety Steel Wire Rope Are The Main Components To Bear The Load Of The Basket, So There Are Strict Requirements For The Adopted Steel Wire Rope. The Working Steel Wire Rope And Safety Steel Wire Rope Of The Basket Are Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes For The Basket, Which Have The Characteristics Of High Strength And Good Rust Resistance. In Order To Prevent The Rope Head From Being Loose And Easy To Pass Through The Elevator And Safety Lock, After The Steel Wire Rope Is Cut Off According To The Selected Length, Both Ends Of The Steel Wire Rope Are Specially Processed, And The Pierced End Is Repaired And Grinded Into A Bullet Shaped Cone After Being Welded. Power Cable Of Electric Basket The Power Cable Is Connected Between The Power Supply And The Electric Box, Which Is A Conductor For Lifting And Conveying Electric Energy For The Suspension Platform. Lifting Equipment: Zlp-630 Electric Basket Is Mainly Used In The Market, And The Model Standard Is Changed To Executive Standard. The Safety And Power Of The Basket Which Depends On The Manual Power To Reach The Lifting Are Seriously Insufficient, And The Use Of This Kind Of Basket Has Been Banned In Most Areas Of China. But At Present, Inner Mongolia And Northeast China Are Still In Use. The New Electric Basket Is More Secure And Durable, Which Is Mainly Reflected In The Following Five Points: This Series Of Electric Cradles Are Equipped With Safety Locks. When The Working Rope Strikes And The Motor Fails To Tilt The Cradles, And The Inclination Reaches 3-8 Degrees (related To The Length Of The Cradles), The Swing Arm Type Safety Lock Locks The Safety Ropes To Play A Role Of Safety Protection; In Addition, The ZLP Series Cradles Are Equipped With Leakage Protection Switches, Movable Operation Boxes, External Power Sockets And Up Limit Devices To Ensure The Safety Of Operation.
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