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Test Run And Purchase Requirements Of Electric Basket
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The Price Of The Electric Basket Is Determined According To The Lifting Height When It Is Purchased The Higher The Lifting Is, The More Expensive The Price Is. The Basket Is Lifted In Cooperation With The Steel Wire Rope. Generally, The Length Of The Steel Wire Rope Is The Length Of The Steel Wire Rope When The Customer Needs To Raise The Number Of Meters. The Higher The Price, The More The Price. During The Application Of The Electric Basket, When The Electric Basket Is Lifted And Confirmed To Be Firmly Fixed With The Building, It Can Be Operated By People. In Addition, The Horizontal Spacing Between The Construction And The Electric Basket Shall Not Be Greater Than 20 Mm. If The Basket Is Shaking, Measures Shall Be Taken To Fasten It In Time, Instead Of Continuous Operation Under Shaking Condition. For The Trial Operation Of The Electric Basket, The Selector Switch On The Door Panel Of The Electric Box Should Be Turned To The Middle Position Before The Upward Switch Can Be Started. At This Time, The Suspension Channel Can Be Raised To 1 M From The Ground, And The Heavy Hammer Can Be Installed When The Steel Wire Rope And Safety Rope Are 15 Cm Away From The Ground. The Low Carbon Steel Of Electric Basket Has Good Plasticity And Low Strength. It Will Become Hard After Adding Proper Amount Of Carbon Element, And The Plasticity Will Be Reduced And The Strength Will Be Enhanced. The Connection Of Electric Hanging Basket May Need To Bear High Tensile, Compressive, Torsional And Shear Strength. Electric Hanging Basket Is A Better Choice. The Electric Basket Has Poor Rigidity And Is Suitable For The Occasion With Pressure P ≤ 4MPa. The Butt Welding Electric Basket, Also Known As The High Neck Electric Basket, Has High Rigidity And Is Suitable For The Occasion With High Pressure And Temperature. There Are Three Types Of Sealing Surface Of Electric Basket: Plane Sealing Surface, Suitable For The Occasions With Low Pressure And Non-toxic Medium, Concave Convex Sealing Surface, Suitable For The Occasions With Slightly High Pressure, Suitable For The Occasions With Inflammable, Explosive, Toxic Medium And High Pressure. The Production Of Electric Basket Is Relatively Simple, Which Is Mainly Suitable For The Pipeline System With Corrosive Medium; Different Materials Can Be Used For Electric Basket And Flat Welding Ring To Reduce The Cost Of Electric Basket And Improve The Use Performance. The Sealing Surface Of The Electric Basket Has Protruding Surface, Concave Convex Surface And Tenon Groove Surface.
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