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How To Maintain And Heat Preservation Construction Of Basket Hoist
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The Use Of Hanging Basket Has Gradually Become A Trend, Which Is Widely Recognized In The Construction Of Outer Wall, Curtain Wall Installation, Thermal Insulation Construction, Maintenance And Cleaning Of Outer Wall Of High-rise Multi-storey High-rise Buildings, And It Can Also Be Used In The Operation Of Large Tank, Bridge, Dam And Other Projects. How To Maintain The Basket Hoist Check The Working Wire Rope Frequently For Loose Strand, Burr, Dead Bend, Rising And Other Local Defects To Avoid Rope Jamming. Clean The Oil, Cement, Paint And Adhesive Adhered On The Working Wire Rope In Time To Avoid Damage Or Scrap Of The Hoist Caused By Rope Holding. Fill Or Replace The Specified Lubricant (type, Specification, Brand, Dosage, Etc.) In Time According To The Requirements Of The Operation Manual. The Hanging Basket Often Cleans The Black Objects On The External Surface Of The Hoist To Avoid The Sundries Entering And Leaving The Rope Buckle And Damaging The Internal Parts Of The Hoist. Insist On No-load Operation Before Operation, And Pay Attention To Check Whether There Is Abnormal Sound And Odor. Avoid Collision During Installation, Transportation Or Use, Resulting In Casing Damage. In Case Of Abnormal Operation (abnormal Sound, Peculiar Smell, Abnormal High Temperature, Etc.), It Shall Be Stopped In Time, And Professional Maintenance Personnel Shall Be Invited For Maintenance. After The Basket Operation, It Shall Be Properly Covered To Avoid The Invasion Of Rainwater And Sundries. As An Auxiliary Construction Technology, The Electric Hanging Basket Is Accepted By More And More Construction Units Of Building Exterior Wall, And Is Used In Construction Engineering. &Especially In Recent Years, With The Rapid Development Of China's Economy, There Are More And More High-rise Buildings, So That The Electric Basket Has Been Rapidly Promoted. In Order Not To Be Changed Or Damaged By People At Will, Before Each Use, The Basket Shall Be Tested To See Whether It Is Suitable For The Standard, And The Safety Lock Shall Be Stable And Sensitive. The Steel Wire Rope Is The Guarantee Rope For Workers' Life In The High-altitude Operation. Therefore, The Diameter Of The Steel Wire Rope, The Number Of Rope Clamps, And The Spacing Shall Be Tested According To The Instructions Before Use. The Hanging Basket Is Very Important For Workers In High-altitude Work. The Number Of Counterweight Fast Should Meet The Requirements Of Work And Be Stable On The Counterweight Fast, So As To Reduce The Occurrence Of Accidents. At The Same Time, Do Not Move The Counterweight At Will, Which Will Cause Great Harm.
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