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Precautions And Safety Of Electric Basket
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The Electric Basket Is Very Safe And Reliable During Operation, And The Equipment Should Pay Attention To The Following Items Before Use: 1) To Check The Equipment Of Roof Organization, Excellent Cooperation, Firm Anchorage, Correct Cantilever Length And Connection Method Shall Be Provided. 2) The Steel Wire Rope Shall Be Free Of Kink, Extrusion And Looseness; The Wear And Broken Wire Shall Not Exceed The Limit, And The Hanging And Winding Methods And Hanging Weight Shall Be Correct. 3) The Safety Protection Equipment Against Falling And External Rotating Organization Shall Be Completely Reliable. 4) The Motor Has No Abnormal Noise, Overheating, Normal Starting And Reliable Braking. 1. The Operator Of Electric Basket Can Operate The Basket Only After Passing The Training Of Theoretical Knowledge And Safe Operation Skills, Checking And Obtaining The Qualification And Useful Certificate. 2. It Is Forbidden To Use The Unit's Private Equipment Or Dismantle The Hanging Basket. 3. For The Electric Basket Used In The Construction Site, Ensure That The Safety Skill Function Of The Basket And The Safety Equipment Meet The Requirements Of Standards, Standards And Relevant Rules. Before Each Shift Of Operation, The Professional Personnel Of The Property Right Unit Shall Check All The Cradles Once, And The Operation Can Only Be Carried Out After The Inspection Is Qualified. 4. During Construction, It Is Forbidden To Exceed The Additional Load Of The Basket. During Operation, No One Is Allowed To Stand Under The Basket And Cross Operation Is Prohibited. 5. Operators Shall Strictly Implement The Requirements Of Relevant Rules, Standards, Operating Procedures And Product Instructions During Operation, And Prohibit Illegal Operation. 6. Operators Have The Right To Refuse Illegal Command And Order Risky Operation During Operation. Before Operation Of Each Shift, The Operator Shall Check The Hanging Basket, And Handle Immediately When Finding Accident Potential Or Other Unsafe Elements, And Use The Hanging Basket Only After Removing The Accident Potential Or Unsafe Elements. 7. When The Basket Appears To Be Faulty Or Abnormal, The Operator Shall Immediately Stop Using The Basket And Put It Into Use From The Beginning After Eliminating The Faults And Potential Accidents. 8. It Is Necessary To Send The Safety Lock Of The Basket To A Qualified Testing Organization Or Manufacturer For Verification According To The Standard Or Standard Rules, And It Can Only Be Used After It Is Qualified. The Useful Life Of Verification Shall Not Be Longer Than 1 Year. The Verification Mark Shall Be Pasted At The Obvious Position Of The Safety Lock, And Shall Be Filed In The Safety Handling Information Together. 9、 The Operator On The Basket Shall Be Equipped With Safety Rope And Safety Belt Or Other Safety Equipment Independent Of The Suspended Channel. The Safety Rope Shall Be Fixed On The Building Layout With Enough Strength. It Is Forbidden To Fix The Safety Rope And Safety Belt Directly On The Layout Of The Basket. 10. When Electric Basket Is Used For Electric Welding, It Is Forbidden To Use Basket For Electric Welding Wiring Circuit. It Is Forbidden To Place Oxygen Cylinder, Acetylene Cylinder And Other Inflammable And Explosive Articles In The Basket.
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